Ray Brower/Fallen Riot

21st April 2017 @ 9:30 pm – 22nd April 2017 @ 3:00 am

Ray Brower are part of a new breed of accomplished metal hardcore bands with a poetic twist.

In March 2016 they entered the Deezer Open Hell Stage competition for a chance to play Hellfest 2016. Over 300 hundred metal bands from all over Europe entered, Ray Brower were 1 of 9 to get through and play at Hellfest. They then won again as metal fans at Hellfest voted for their favourite of the 9 new bands to play and Ray Brower became the Deezer Open Hell Stage 2016 winners! Which means they will play the mainstage at Hellfest 2017!!!

This is absolutely massive for Ray Brower. They will be the first Scottish band ever to play the mainstage at Hellfest, it will take them to a new level in the metal scene. Make sure you check them out now, 2017 is going to be a huge year as they take their unique poetic metal to new fans worldwide!

After going through a few line ups, Fallen Riot are finally how they want to be. It’s been a long road, but here’s to the future.
We, as a band, are passionate about one thing, music. The band understand how powerful and expressive this medium can be and it is very close to all of them. Their goals are to make our mark and show people that they are capable and respectable musicians, for people to listen to and enjoy our music and generally and perhaps most importantly just have fun doing what they love.

Stick about for our resident Mad Hatters DJs until 3 am!