Tennshann Invasion Band

2nd August 2019 @ 9:30 pm – 3rd August 2019 @ 12:00 am


The Tennshann Invasion Band is known for the sound of ska or roots rock reggae foundation music Tennshann Invasion band was formed in 2007 at the Montego Bay boys and girls club where all present members was a part of the youth organization. The band was created by Mark Gooden otherwise called Ferly and the late great David Cunningham aka sleepy both saxophonist and professional musicians who saw great potential in the band members which started off as a ska music band and later added the genre roots reggae and studied a wide variety of music, after a few years they dominated the JCDC all island concert band competition where they won best community band, best sounding band, best junior band and also the number one band from the competition, As they grow the chemistry flow they started making their own music which didn’t linger too far from their foundation music ska and roots reggae, they have a new single out right now titled Tennshann Invasion – good morning Jamaica, and a few more recordings in the pipe line, the members of the band are hashley Patterson guitarist, Brandon Daley drummer , Norman Boswell trumpeter, Yhendi Lewis saxophonist, Aljarome green keyboardist , Collin farquharson keyboardist, Omeesh James bass guitarist, Kemal Amersingh otherwise known as ShawtCut the lead vocalist and Mark Gooden the manager, they made their appearance on stages such as Reggae sumfest, jazz and blues fest, Jamaica independence show, stepping high annual weed fest just to name a few, their mission is to spread the positive message and offer the live sounds of good music to the ears of people who appreciate good music as well as to stair roots reggae music and ska to the ears of the youths and make a difference