Swamp Radio/Sons of Onan/Gypsy Circus

9th June 2018 @ 10:00 pm – 10th June 2018 @ 12:00 am

Swamp Radio

With this year being the year of the 10thanniversary of Swamp Radio’s first gig, the band has had plenty of time to develop their unique musical style and approach to performance whilst remaining a very underground band. This experience has created a very fluid approach to writing which means that songs can come from any angle or any party. These core ideas are then taken by the band as a whole and arranged, developed and saturated with the ethos of the band. “Lay yourself wide open and leave nothing on the stage!” A modern amalgam of classic/progressive/punk rock.

Sons of onan

Originally envisioned as a 5 piece, nature quickly ran its course and pared Sons of Onan down to the fundamental elements of a power trio. 3 instruments. 3 voices. Underpinned by a rhythm section with 10 years’ experience of playing together and with a naturally rhythmic guitarist with a legacy involving several other previous Inverness bands, the sound which has developed over Sons of Onan’s year or so of jamming to date is surprisingly enough one that is rhythmically complex and rich. Completely fresh, with no gigs to date, the band cannot wait to unleash themselves on the public!


Gypsy Circus


Edinburgh based quartet, Gypsy_Circus are creating a storm around the Scotland’s capital. Their vintage Blues roots combined with a modern raw indie/rock inspired hooks compliment their buoyant attitude. Aaron King (vocals), Michael Mackay (guitar), Shaun Alderman (bass) and Calum Thomson (drums) have recently released their latest single ‘Notorious Creatures’ and are certainly a band to catch early as they are one of our bands to watch out for in 2018.’